Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Starcross Steamer (Again)

The annual Starcross Steamer pursuit race was the first major gig I did with the K-7. last year. I went to this year's edition last weekend, and once again we were blessed with breeze and sunshine. I used the K-7 with the 50-200 alongside my Canon 40D, with 400 prime and 70-200 f4 & 1.4tc. Quite pleased with the results, but a Northerly breeze always makes it difficult to get shots with the sailors properly illuminated.

This may be the last entry in the blog before I re-focus it on video work. The plan is to use the K-7 as the heart of an HD video rig. I have ordered all the bits and will report as I go along about how it's all coming together.

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