Thursday, 26 November 2009

Why Pentax?

After two previous careers doing other things (and being a keen amateur photographer since the age of 8) two things made it possible for me to set up Fotoboat in 2003: the introduction of "proper" digital cameras (ie DSLRs) and the Internet. I had a Pentax K1000 at the time and if I could just have converted it to digital, I'd have been delighted! But the only serious contenders at the time were Canon and Nikon, and I set out down the Canon route with an EOS 10D, followed shortly by a second hand D60 as a back-up, and a range of zoom lenses, including a 35-350 f3.5/5.6L. This wasn't the sharpest lens around, but boy what a versatile piece of kit! Stuck on a small boat in a howling gale with lens changing not a sensible option, this mega-zoom lens did great service.

The 10D became a paperweight after coming into violent contact with the side of a boat and was replaced with a 40D. When the mega-zoom also expired, this time through internal corrosion caused by saltwater spray, I started looking for something with better weather sealing. It's available on the top end Canon products, but at a price. At about this time Pentax brought out the K20, and then the K7, offering weather sealing at a more affordable price. Worth a try, I thought, and it would be nice to hold a Pentax again... Pentax UK have given me that opportunity, so thanks to them, and looking forward to getting to grips with it. The kit is expected to arrive next week.