Monday, 21 March 2011

First Movie

The weather at Wimbleball SC on Sunday was fantastic, apart from the lack of breeze, that is. But it was a good opportunity to try out the video rig, while shooting stills with my Canon kit at the same time. Some observations:
  • Shooting video is not the same as shooting stills!
  • Trying to do both at the same time was a nightmare
  • Just with the LCD viewfinder (and no shoulder mount) the camera can be held quite steadily in the normal SLR shooting position, ie held up against the face with right hand on the grip and left hand under the lens. It's not a particularly heavy camera, so I may find the shoulder mount isn't really needed.
Post-processing was interesting. I got the stills out of the way first using my normal workflow (based on Camerabits Photo Mechanic). Then I looked through the video clips (all 66 of them) individually to see which ones to use.

I started doing the edit using Adobe Premiere Elements (PRE) and after about half an hour was still having problems deciding which settings to use! I took the easy way out and edited the whole thing in Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) in about an hour, including sourcing and adding a cheesy music soundtrack. There's no doubt I will have to take time out to master PRE (roughly speaking, if PRE is a DSLR then WLMM is the camera on your mobile phone - it seems to be excellent for quick-and-dirty video editing but lacks PRE's bells-and-whistles.)

I need to add some info to the video when the results come out, then I will post it to YouTube

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